Jeff Arnold’s West, the blog of a Western fan for other Western fans, was started in 2010 and since then has reviewed close to 1500 Western movies and TV shows as well as many books – factual and fictional.

Articles on the historical and mythic West have also been posted, especially on famous Westerners in fact and fiction, the likes of Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Jesse James and many more, what is really known about them and how they have been portrayed on the page and on the screen.

There are also essays on such Western essentials as stagecoaches, saloons, gunfights, hats, horses and more.

A community of readers has grown up, friends of the blog, who often leave very welcome comments and share knowledge and enthusiasm. Sadly, when the blog changed host many of these comments didn’t get transferred and are lost, but readers are encouraged to leave more!


The author, Jeff Arnold, pictured with his sidekick Matt Dillon in Monument Valley, born in the year Red River and Fort Apache were released, grew up with Westerns, big-screen and small, and now has close to three-quarters of a century of immersion in movies, books and travels to his ‘credit’.

He has lived in Europe since the 1980s and is currently retired in France.

He is also a writer, and his new Western novel, Stay and Die, was published on November 10, 2023 by Austin Macauley. The book mixes real-life and fictional characters of the old West in a tale set in the railroad boomtown of Las Vegas, NMT, in 1879. Buy it from amazon!