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The Peacemaker (UA, 1956)

  Ted Post’s first theatrical Western   Ted Post was a highly prolific director who worked from 1950 thru 2002, helming very many episodes of

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Bad Lands (RKO, 1939)

  Not great art but watchable   Bad Lands was a remake as a Western of John Ford’s WWI drama The Lost Patrol of 1934

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3 Godfathers (MGM, 1948)

  Not John Ford’s finest hour   After the commercial and critical failure of The Fugitive in 1947, John Ford, pictured left in 1948, decided

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The bad guys

  Best of the badmen   I wrote a post on the Western badman some time ago but it seems to have got lost when

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The Westerns of William Wyler

  Six-gun Willy   William Wyler’s grandmother was the first cousin of Carl Laemmle, known as Uncle, the boss of Universal, and Willi’s grandfather had

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The Big Country (UA, 1958)

  They don’t come any bigger   William Wyler started in Westerns, as Universal’s youngest director in the mid-1920s making 2-reel programmers. His first sound

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The Westerner (UA, 1940)

  A tense and sophisticated masterpiece   The big adult A-picture Western came back into style at the end of the 1930s, with the Walter

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The Long Rope (Fox, 1961)

  A B-Western with some quality   The Long Rope is really a B-Western: a one-hour black & white program-filler, cheaply made. But it has

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Frontier Gun (Fox, 1958)

  Not bad   Frontier Gun was another of those black & white (but widescreen) Westerns which Regal Films made for Fox. It’s OK.  

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The Deerslayer (Fox, 1957)

  Hawkeye rides, I mean walks, again   Not all Western-fans like eighteenth-century tales of swords and single-shot muskets, or even think of them as

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Deputy Marshal (Lippert, 1949)

  Another Lippert B   Deputy Marshal was another in the series of late-1940s/early 50s low-budget Lippert Westerns that we’ve been reviewing lately – the

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The Producers

  $ and ₵   On this blog over the years we’ve done overviews of the Westerns of a good many players, both leads and

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