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Small-screen Custer

    Next   After big-screen appearances in the 1960s in The Great Sioux Massacre, The Plainsman and Custer of the West, click links for

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Sitting Bull (UA, 1954)

. Dale’s the goody, Custer the baddy   A mid-50s pro-Indian picture starring a pre-Wells Fargo Dale Robertson, Sitting Bull gives us a semi-revisionist portrayal

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Talkie Custers

    He speaks   The first talkie Custer to appear was in an RKO serial, The Last Frontier (1932), starring Lon Chaney Jr, as

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    Your turn, Autie   Which painting, or its reproduction anyway, has been viewed, commented on and discussed heatedly by more people in the

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Jesse James: the myth

    All-American hero   In his excellent 2002 biography Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War, TJ Stiles gives his last chapter, in

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Two late Jesses

    There are just a couple more Jesse James movies to review (until another comes along). It won’t take long, because they were both

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Jesse James in TV movies

    Made-for-TV Jesse   We’ve looked at Jesse James on the big screen and Jesse on the small one. But in addition to appearances

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Jesse James on TV

    Jesse now rides across the small screen   As we have seen, the Missouri outlaw Jesse James, sometimes with and sometimes without his

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Low-budget Jesse James

  Jesse in the 1950s   Jesse James remained through the 1950s, or at least until 1957, in the realm of the low-budget Western. Universal’s

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Chisum (Warner Bros, 1970)

. How a cattle baron won the Lincoln County War   In 1965 John Wayne was recovering from quite drastic cancer surgery. The Western-loving public

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The Outlaw (UA, 1943)

. The worst ever Billy the Kid film   While MGM was making Billy the Kid, in late 1940 and early 1941, another crew was

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