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Cavalry Scout (Monogram, 1951)

  Monogram goes upmarket   Walter Mirisch and his brothers became hotshot Hollywood producers in the 1960s. The Mirisch Company won the Academy Award for

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Yakima Canutt

  Stuntmeister   Of all the many stuntmen whose contribution was invaluable to the Western, Yakima Canutt is probably the most famous. The amazing under-the-coach

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The Western noir

  Paint it black     What is noir?   What noir really is can be difficult to pin down. You kind of know a

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Currently trending

  Howdy, blog-pards   You might be interested to know the most popular posts on Jeff Arnold’s West at the moment:   Indians don’t attack

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Lone Star (MGM, 1952)

  Just about a Western   Most of the Westerns Clark Gable did weren’t really Westerns at all. The Call of the Wild, Boom Town,

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Taggart (Universal, 1964)

  Underrated 60s Western   Taggart is a rather overlooked Western. For example, Brian Garfield, in his fine 1980s guide Western Films, dismisses it in

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Westerns in color

  Flesh tones     It is sometimes said that The Wizard of Oz was the first color film. It wasn’t, of course. Early ‘pre-cinematographic’

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INDEX   Film titles that begin with numbers, like 3 Godfathers, 4 for Texas or 5 Card Stud, are listed in numerical order at the

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Bandolero! (Fox, 1968)

  Mediocre     Bandolero! (you always feel producers or studios added the exclamation points to titles when the movies were lackluster in an attempt

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