The Law of the 45s (Normandy Pictures, 1935)

. . The Two Mesquiteers  . . The Law of 45s, also known as Law of the Forty-Fives and Sunrise Guns, is a straightforward Saturday-morning talkie programmer in which Tucson Smith (Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams) and his sidekick Stoney Martin (Al St. John) thwart a dastardly lawyer (Ted Adams) and his bunch of low-down dry-gulchers. There’s […]

Yuma (ABC TV, 1971)

  Tough lawman Clint   . Yuma is a pretty standard early 70s made-for-TV Western, wholesome family viewing. But it’s not at all bad. Clint Walker leads as marshal of Yuma. Of course we all know Clint as Bodie Cheyenne on one of the best Western TV shows but he also did quite a few […]