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Cowboys & Indians (Screen Media Films, 2011)




Forget it.



This Western features bad acting and bad writing. They match because the slurred modern urban diction of the hero suits the anachronistic lines he has to say.



The camera work is equally amateur.



The picture has nothing original to say at all.



And it isn’t exciting.



All the characters are very obviously wearing costumes. None looks in any way natural in the clothes.



The locations (a stony desert somewhere) are boring.

Skip it. I sat through it so that you wouldn’t have to.
The tagline is The Great Western Returns. That is risibly dishonest.
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  1. It _still_ shows up on weak tv stations in unimportant time slots.
    Roughly around the time Jeff Arnold wisely advised readers to miss this, obvious fake overly enthusiastic reviews from close friends and family of brothers leading this amateurish mess were being left on other sites.
    The whole project proceeded from a mediocre mess to a truly disgusting POS

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