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“Each man has a song and this is my song.” (Leonard Cohen)

Lincoln NM

. It’s real . . For those interested in the history as well as the myth of the West, few places repay visiting more than

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Rio Lobo (NGP, 1970)

. . “An even bigger piece of crap than El Dorado.” (Robert Mitchum) . . Oh dear. This was the last of the Howard Hawks/John

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The Oregon Trail

Down that Oregon Trail . . . An open range ahead A blanket for a bed A friendly fire while lonely coyotes wail That’s life

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Barquero (Universal, 1970)

. . Injecting new blood? . . .The reverse-engineering that took place in the ‘spaghetti comes to Hollywood’ period of the late 60s and early

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Better than a dead fish

. Better than a dead fish . . Reviewing yesterday Law of the 45s, a clunky but fun old 30s second feature with Guinn ‘Big Boy’

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Yuma (ABC TV, 1971)

  Tough lawman Clint   . Yuma is a pretty standard early 70s made-for-TV Western, wholesome family viewing. But it’s not at all bad. Clint

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Fort Laramie

. No Hollywood fort. . Fort Laramie isn’t at Laramie. In fact the Fort is about 100 miles NE of the town. Probably, the Man from

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Laramie, WY

  The man from Laramie He was a man with a peaceful turn of mind He was kind of sociable and friendly Friendly as any

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