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Review of the year 2018


What did we read?



At this time I usually look back over the past year to see which subjects interested readers – and which didn’t.


There have been 12,500 pageviews per month, on average, March being a peak with 19,563. The majority of hits have come from the US, as always, though France, where I live, and the UK have also been strong.


The most read review was of Zandy’s Bride, the 1974 Warners picture with Gene Hackman. I myself find it a dreary movie but people evidently want to read about it.


Next came the post on Caroline Weldon, the woman who lived with Sitting Bull, often wrongly called Catherine Weldon. There’s a lot of interest out there about her.


James Garner’s tough-guy Western Duel at Diablo (1966) came next. I didn’t rate it highly but again people seem interested.


Three essays followed, in popularity or most-read status: the posts on Geronimo, in fact and fiction, the on eon derringers, and on Johnny Ringo. I can understand the interest!




The remaining entries in the top ten were the reviews of Hostiles, The Ballad of Lefty Brown and Wyatt Earp’s Revenge. 


The least read of my posts were the ones on (in decreasing order) the 1966 Monte Hellman
picture The Shooting, the very weak 1970 Western Four Rode Out which starred Pernell Roberts, the 2016 sub-Tarantino picture Outlaws and Angels, the country-singer TV oater The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, and, last and least, with only 29 reads, the less than riveting Fox 1956 picture directed by William Claxton, Stagecoach to Fury.


Well, it doesn’t mean much but it’s mildly interesting in its way.


The all-time favorites (since the blog began in 2010) are:





Well, so long, e-pards, to you and to 2018. Let’s see what the New Year will bring. Hope to have you back clicking on Jeff Arnold’s West.





7 Responses

  1. Well, I look forward to more interesting film reviews and history lessons from Teacher Jeff in 2019. Happy New Year to you, Chum!!

  2. Thanks for all of your great work in 2018 Jeff! As far as I know, yours is the only blog that combines a genuine love of the myth that is the Western with an
    in-depth knowledge of the historical reality.

  3. Jeff, I really enjoyed reading your JEFF ARNOLD'S WEST in 2018. I hope that 2019 will be even better.

    I'm not surprised that your most read write-ups, since 2010, concern Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid. Folks are still interested in them and probably always will be.

    I'm surprised in the interest in ZANDY'S BRIDE and I wonder, why the interest?

    1. Yes, it's odd, isn't it? An obscure and not very good Western. But no accounting for taste!

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