Howdy again

Hi there, ex-pards.   Thought you might like to know that I’m back.   You can find the new blog at   I’m still learning: it’s not self-evident or that intuitive. But bit by bit I hope to get the hang of it.   Please spread the word!   Jeff

So long

So long, e-pards. I have decided to put an end to this blog. I’m sorry to do it because I have enjoyed these years of posting about Westerns, and the e-conversations that resulted. I have learned a lot from comments left by readers and almost feel I know some of the regulars! But Blogspot’s new […]

The Italian Western

They have removed the option to the revert to the ‘legacy blogger’ and so I am again hamstrung. The new one doesn’t allow me to use illustrations or put in links. Very sorry. For the moment, this is all I can do. Blogspot has really let its users down. Spaghetti sauce Paul Simpson, in his […]

The Naked Hills (AA, 1956)

“You got a sickness, Tracy.”       The Naked Hills tells of two partners (David Wayne and Denver Pyle) who become forty-niners. One, Bert (Pyle, who also has a narrative voiceover) will see reason and become a successful storekeeper while the other, Tracy (Wayne) gets a bad case of gold fever and wastes his […]

Gordon Douglas

A worthy contributor to our genre Gordon Douglas (1907 – 1993), pictured left, was one of those directors who made a number of bread-and-butter pictures of no special merit but who sometimes rose above that norm to put out an interesting one. In the world of the Western (the genre that counts) he made a handful which […]

The Great Missouri Raid (Paramount, 1951)

Frank and Jesse ride (yet) again     In May 1950, after directing a couple of neat Randolph Scott Westerns at Columbia, The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) and The Nevadan (1950), Gordon Douglas (there’s a Doug-o-rama coming soon) signed a two-picture deal with Paramount (the second movie never happened) and made a Jesse James story, […]

Jock Mahoney

Action man I am grateful to Gene Freese for his book Jock Mahoney: The Life and Films of a Hollywood Stuntman (McFarland, 2014), which I have freely plundered for this post. Freese is also author of Hollywood Stunt Performers: A Dictionary and Filmography of over 600 Men and Women 1922 – 1996 (1998). For someone […]

André De Toth

Blogspot is letting me revert to what it calls the “legacy blogger” (meaning one that actually works) so for the moment I can post. I hope that lasts but I’m not holding my breath. People don’t like to accept that a new version of a thing is worse and companies don’t care to admit that their […]

Really annoying

I am in the soup here because has changed the ‘interface’ and the new one doesn’t work. I can just about view the blog and write a new post (sort of, though very limited – I can’t change the font or do paragraphs) but I can’t edit old ones, for example add to lists. […]

Rudolph Maté

Not great Westerns but not bad either I thought we could maybe add Rudolph Maté to our roll-call of Western directors. He wasn’t one of the greatest, by any means, but he did direct seven feature Westerns (and an episode of Zane Grey Theatre) for the big studios, starring the likes of Alan Ladd, Tyrone […]