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The most popular posts of 2013



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Hi, e-pards. I have been looking at last year’s stats for this blog. I thought you might like to know which were the most popular posts of 2013.


They are, with the most popular at the top and in descending order:



Tom Horn in fact and fioction. Way the most viewed post, interestingly.



The Sharps rifle. Two Western firearms in the top ten. The Sharps seems to exercise a fascination.



Kirk Douglas. Really popular Western star, which surprised me a bit.



Winchester ’73. No real surprises there, I guess. One of the great Westerns of all time.



The Big Land. Alan Ladd also very popular. OK, whatever turns you on.



Once Upon a Time in the West. Far from my favorite film but there’s interest out there alright.



The Colt .45. Another Western gun, this time the emblematic Colt.



Wyatt Earp Part 1/2: the fact. Good old Wyatt, still draws the interest.



Wyatt Earp Part 2/2: the fiction. The fiction came second to the fact!



Jim Bridger in fact and fiction. The great mountain man still has his charm.



Thanks for reading!
I wonder what 2014 will bring…


So long, blogpards.





3 Responses

  1. I find several of them interesting, as well. Not surprised, though, by Douglas. He is in two of the finest westerns of the 50s — Gunfight at the OK Corral and Last Train From Gun Hill — and is one of the last surviving stars of old Hollywood. The Tom Horn posts were very well written, but the interest in Horn surprises me, as well.

    Maybe in a followup post, you could give us a preview of 2014?

  2. For me, OK Corral was good but flawed and Gun Hill was good but not the equal of 3:10. Still, I agree they were both important Westerns. Douglas was never better than in the fine Lonely Are The Brave, if you count that a Western (which I do). Mind, he was in some dreadful clunkers too.
    I have noticed a great number of readers for posts related to Wyoming in one way or another and suspect a clique of Wyomingists for the Tom Horn readership. Fair enough, as anyone knows that, after new Mexico, Wyoming is the most beautiful state of the Union.
    As for a preview of 2014, read tomorrow!
    Thanks for your comment, Bob, and may 2014 bring as many interesting posts on your blog as 2013 did.

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